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Welcome to Safran by Koya, where culinary excellence meets Moroccan hospitality. Allow us to introduce the masters of ceremonies, our talented chefs, Mouhssine Nouni and Abdelkrim Siklan. Together, they blend unique talents and creativity to transform each dish into an art form.

Below, delve into the stories of these culinary maestros and discover the passion behind each creation.

Join us for a memorable journey that will delight your senses and enrich your dining experience.

Chef Nouni - Safran Marrakech
Our Executive Chef
Mouhssine Nouni

The talented and experienced Chef Nouni received his training from two titans of Japanese gastronomy: Takeo Yamazaki of the famed starred restaurant Yoshi, located within the walls of the Metro-P Pole Hotel in Monaco, where the legendary Joël Robuchon worked, and Yasunari Okazaki at the illustrious Ledoyen, a 3-star Michelin restaurant. Under the wise direction of Yannick Alléno, Chef Nouni was able to transcend his vocation, and it was at the Royal Mansour Palace that he best expressed his culinary artistry.

The refined dishes that our chef is about to present to you at Koya bear evocative names such as Black Cod Saikyo Miso, the Faux-Aged Argentine Angus Fillet, or the Red Tuna Tataki with Black Truffle. As a creative explorer of flavors, he will never cease to surprise you.

Our Deputy Executive Chef
Abdelkrim Siklan

Chef Abdelkrim Siklan, a Marrakech native, is an accomplished chef who began his culinary journey mastering Japanese cuisine at Tatchibana under Chef Yuki Yamauchi. Expanding his horizons, he completed significant internships at Villa Nomade and Coralia Club Accor Vacations.

His passion and commitment to the culinary arts led him to a nearly ten-year tenure at the esteemed Royal Mansour in Marrakech, where he collaborated with world-renowned chefs including Yannick Alléno, Jerome Videau, and Marc Lahoreau, honing his skill in creating refined dishes with top-quality ingredients.

In 2019, Abdelkrim joined the Kôya group, quickly establishing his reputation. Promoted to Deputy Executive Chef in 2021, his talent and dedication were recognized. By April 2023, he took over Safran restaurant, specializing in Moroccan Mediterranean cuisine, under the guidance of Executive Chef Mouhssine Nouni.


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